Feed The Kids

Local Food Programs

Part of the solution

"The Journal of Nutrition" found that children are almost 20% more likely to fail at least one grade in school if they are not adequately nourished with proper food. Researchers behind the study determined that this could decrease the child's lifetime income by 10% and lessen their quality of life.

No child in our community will go to bed hungry

What we do

The Feed the Kids Program partners with local food pantry’s in order to get the food into the hands of families that need the assistance. The program is funded through Common Ground members, civic organizations, and many local businesses.

Summer Program

We provide bags filled with child-friendly food to kids in the Mansfield ISD who qualify through the free and reduced meal program during the school year. This allows children to prepare their own mid-day meals during summer months while their parents are away from home working. (In partnership with the public library, the summer program provides books for kids to have free of charge to maintain reading levels over the summer.)

Backpack Program

We distribute bags of food to MISD schools that have identified children who are at risk of not receiving meals over the weekend during the school year. Common Ground members maintain relationships with the schools to ensure every child comes to school on Monday morning ready to learn.